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Rawa Island at Johor, Malaysia.

'Lokasi Percutian Yang Menarik di Malaysia'
 “This week, I will bring you to holiday place of the most popular and special
in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Rawa Island
at Johor, Malaysia.

     Rawa Island is an idyllic tropical island for guests to unwind from the stress and strain of modern life. You can enjoy the feel of fine grains white and warm sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach. Take a swim into the warm waters of the South China Sea. It very exciting to do snorkeling along the natural coral reef just a meters from the shore. Or simply relax as you watch the sunset over the orange horizon. In the next day when you are tired for a swim, why not take a walk around the island and enjoy the green scenery.

  Pulau Rawa located within the archipelago of the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park and it is accessible about twenty-minute boat ride from Mersing Jetty, Johor. Take a three or four package so you will get the great holiday to enjoy. The most popular resort is Rawa Island Resort. This beachfront resort features 77 comfortable rooms and each individually designed to suit in with the natural landscape around the resort. By using Modern concept furnishings, it will provide the guests with a comforts as you be at home.

       This island is one of the best holiday places to take a break from the hustle and monotony of daily routine at the work place. You will experience the island's natural beauty views and our generous Malaysian hospitality.

 A comprehensive range of sea sport activities including hobby-cat sailing, snorkeling, scuba-diving and kayaking. You can also enjoy the view of the sea and surrounding island by taking a trip package to nearby island. Guests may also enjoy taking a walk around the island or hiking up to the top of the hill where you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding islands of the South China Sea.

        Kindly note that the island is located within the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park, so we would like to remind the guests that are some activities are prohibit around the area such as fishing, jet-ski and littering on the island. Visitors should also can’t picking up any marine life in the sea or on the beach, whether it is alive or dead. By ensuring strict compliance of this environmental low with the marine park rules, the government hope to preserve the natural beauty of the island for many years to come. It is for our goodness and also for the next generation to have a chance to discover the nature. 


Rawa Island at Johor, Malaysia.

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