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Langkawi Island

'Lokasi Percutian Yang Menarik di Malaysia'

 “This week, I will bring you to holiday place of the most popular and special

in Kedah, famous and it is the....”

Langkawi Island

at Kedah, Malaysia.

Langkawi's Legends. ​

          Centuries ago, the storytellers on the mainland made a living by spinning spectacular tales of legends, wondrous, folklore and history of celestial beings, myths, warriors and wars, beautiful maidens and great heroes. Langkawi was very famous to local folks in those days. The Langkawi islands were built with pirates living and threaten on boats and sailors who chose to sail on their waters. Not many of locals like to go to the islands and then, the stories abound of these mysterious islands separate around the region. The myths about the beautiful maidens are still woven strongly into the lifestyle of the local people even in their history education at primary school.

          Nowadays, this Island has become one of the most prestige Island in the world because of the International Maritime and Aerospace Expedition that will be take place once on every two years. The next event will be on the year 2017. It will be also involve to publish the product inside Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC). Usually the exhibition will be held on March that located at the Langkawi Air-port located at the South West. The exhibition kick-off with a very exciting display of air stunt by the Malaysian Royal Air Force.
The Watchery

Mahsuri Grave. ​

     The most famous about Langkawi legends is the Curse by Mahsuri. She was a beautiful maiden of Muslim came from Siamese descent. As with the envy in some, there will always be jealousy among the other villagers. Mahsuri's mother-in-law was insanely jealous of her beauty and popularity. She took the opportunity one day to get rid of Mahsuri out as she accused her of cheating the marrige during the absence of her husband who had gone off for war. 

     Adultery by local law was a very heavy sin punishable by death. Mahsuri death was executed in public area. As she pleaded for her innocence, the executioner plunged a dagger into her pubic area. To his extra ordinary innocent, Mahsuri's blood trickled white which show that she was innocent.
World of Watches

The Field of Burnt Rice. ​

     Soon after the Mahsuri's death, the Siamese army made an attack on the island to get revenge. So desperate for Mahsuri murdered, the local chief ordered his man to burn down all the storage of rice from falling into Siamese hands. The scene site of the burn rice can still be seen at the area known as the Field of Burnt Rice. It is more visible to the naked eyes especially after a heavy downfall that washes out the odd and dirt that cover the grain. The curse is believed to have been affected on the island's lack of development which lasted until the birth of Aishah Nawawi in 1980, the Mahsuri eigth generation direct descendant.
     The area is located about one kilometre to the North from Langkawi Air-port. It is in Kampung Raja Mukim and the area is surrounded by fencing to preserve the remaining area.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls (Seven Wells). ​


Powis Parker Inc.
Contact Number :  +60 4 9667789.

Location :      Gunung Mat Cincang, Northwest corner of the
                        island, 45 kms from Kuah, walking distance from
                        Oriental village and cable car (10 min).

          This waterfall is named after the seven natural wells along its path. Legend has it that fairies have come down from heaven to the pools to take their bathe at the wells. There are 2 areas for Telaga Tujuh location. The first area is at the base of the waterfall and the second area is at the top where the 7 wells taking place. You can enjoying taking bathe in the pools and even sliding down the slick rock between the wells. To get to the wells, you have to climb up for more than 350 steps which can get quite slippery when raining. It is safe to swim in the pools when the river water current is not very strong. You can find also a jungle trekking package available at the area which will bring you through a trail of up to 2,500 m, crossing two different mountains. This trail is quite an easy trail and you can wear a slippers, but it is best recommended to wear comfortable sport shoes or boots as some segments of the trail are nearly vertical. This package is not suitable and recommended for family trips.

Raya Mountain.

                                                                    View from the mountain.
          Raya Mountain is the habitat of the white-bellied sea eagle. You can see the eagle circling around at the top of the mountain. The horn bills are also make their home in the forest area around Raya Mountain. When the road was built, much of the flora and fauna was disturbed. This kind of activities effect the eco-system and reducing their feeding area. Perhaps due to this, it is so much easier to spot them now as they have to fly in a further area to search for food. You can easily access the area by driving a car. Visitors that driving up to the mountain will have to pay for 50 cent per car. It is collected at a plaza toll located at the base of the mountain.

Cable Car.

          A cable car moves to the top of the hill give the visitors with a great view of Pantai Cenang. About MYR30 will be charge for tourists (non-Malaysian). But during peak times, you may have to queue up for almost 2 hours sometimes. The Sky Bridge is located at the top of the station which built through a small forest trail. The visitors have to pay the additional fee for MYR5 to get into the Sky Bridge.

Underwater World, (Pantai Cenang). ​

Contact Number :   +60 4 9556100

Open :            9:30am - 6:30pm on weekdays
                        9:30am - 8:30pm on weekends.

Ticket :           MYR38 for adults and MYR28 for children.

          An indoor aquarium is located nearby the Langkawi Air-port at the South West. Try to catch the feeding times (see website for details).

Ibrahim Hussein Foundation Museum, (Teluk Datai).

Contact Number :  +60 4 959 4669.

Open :            10am-6pm.

Selling Items :         Abstract paintings RM12.



Galeria Perdana.

Contact Number :   +60 4 959 1498.

Open :            10am to 5pm, closed Mondays.

Items :            Museum featuring gifts Malaysia has received
                        from foreign countries. 

Crocodile Adventureland. ​

Location :      Jalan Datai, Mk. Ayer Hangat (on the way to
                       Teluk Datai).

Contact Number :  +60 4 9592559.

Open :            Daily, 9AM-6PM.

Show Time:   Daily at 11.15am & 2:45PM (hourly feedings).

Ticket :           Adult Myr15, children MYR10 (below 12 yrs).

          Over 1,000 crocodiles and alligators are being displayed in the park. Visitors can enjoy watching a man fighting the crocodile. You will be exciting to take a ride in a rickshaw drawn by a crocodile, it’s very rare. This attraction will not be enjoyed by some visitors. Sometimes, the crocodiles need to get rest or it will be deformed.

Tanjung Rhu Beach Resort. ​

          This resort located at the North side of this island. A lot of activities provided at this area such as swimming, jet ski, pool activities. The resort also have very attractive facilities in the area such as it have its own private beach, adult only swimming pool, four season market, family pool and fish farm.

D’Coconut Hill Resort. ​

          This resort is located nearby Gunung Raya (Raya Mountain). It is inside the Gunung Raya National Park area. For those who like to explore nature, this resort is the best choice for you.


Friday, 4 March 2016

Hanoi City at Vietnam.

'Lokasi Percutian Yang Menarik di Vietnam'
 “This week, I will bring you to holiday place of the most popular and special
in Hanoi, famous and it is the....”

at Vietnam.

Hanoi City is the capital of Vietnam and become the second city that have a big population in the country, so you should visit this city to discover about its special. Let check it out for a great views and experience at this city. I prefer to get there by bus at night, because from my location right now it will take about 14 hours travel. It was a long way and tiring, although we decided to take a bus with beds. It was an unexpected even, unfortunately, he bus left us somewhere at the border of Hanoi. It’s about 5-6 km distance to the city center. It’s different for some other cities, where the bus terminal always nearby the center). Or maybe we took a different route. If you see from the maps, there is a large area to move inside the city area. Hence, we had to take another bus to move into the city. After we make a discussion, we end it with conclusion to go to a certain hotel that can provide emissaries to the station and perhaps they can provide it free up there.

We try to take a cheap hotel nearby and found one. The rooms are a little bit dirty and stuffy so I preferred to look anything like the bed provided in the bus that is much cleaner than this. I refused to pay the amount demanded by them for such improperly vehicles (one of the main item to consider) both verbally and physically. We could not believe that it’s so hard to have the exact requirement and wasting time searching in the street, such a conflicts. Let just pass over from this episode and we end up to stay at the hotel Ha Noi Boutique, which gave us a small but clean room ($12/double room with private bathroom and free internet). Seem that proven to be difficult to find a nice accommodation at an affordable price in Hanoi. Actually, there are some hotel can provide us of what we need but we have to pay more for such facilities. Hanoi city is quite an expensive city.

After took some rest and get bath, we started planning for a visit to one of the oldest houses in town in just $0.20/person. It is located at Ma May (one of the important commercial area) and it’s quit easy to find the address box and seemed quite nice. Then we decided to have a visit to the temple located on a small island in the lakes at the city center called Hoan Kiem. It was a modern kind of temple, without great architectural landscape to discover.

Continue our journey to walk through Hanoi, we arrived at the Ho Chi Minh Complex. Here you can have a visit to the museum (entrance ticket Ho Chi Minh Museum is 1 euro/person). You can see a great attraction in this area. Besides the museums there is also the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh City where you can see the great architectural work of it. Although Ho Chi Minh is a capital city, I could not see the huge amount of visitors to this museum. Take precaution because photography is not allowed in this area and don’t ruin your vacation with a ticket from the authority.

In the evening, we decided to go to a enjoy Vietnamese Water Puppet show. The cost for this show is just $7/person. It was interesting and very enjoyable thing to do. There are no translation, but it's pretty easy to follow the story by just watching their performant.

In the next day, we decided to have a visit to the Temple of Literature before leaving Hanoi. The cost for the ticket is $0.20/person. This temple is actually the oldest education center in Vietnam. It was so nice enough to have the opportunity to see their traditional music performance. The musicians used some music equipment that I had never seen before and we were very impressed by the representative there.

We just stay in Hanoi for a short term only because the city appeared to be very agitated and exhausting. There is no problem if you have enough budget for transportation. Otherwise, motorcycles and bustle provide the unpleasant smell. We are not so attracted to the traveling markets around so much. Although there were some sights that we did not see them before. So, we decided to continue our journey to Laos. Perhaps there is much exciting places to visit in that city.


Hanoi, Vietnam.

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